GoSure Machine Readable Counterfeit Protection


GoSure Machine Readable Counterfeit Protection

Pitkit and HP Together

Pitkit's subsidiary Bsecure has joined forces with HP Indigo to develop and produce a unique new product that helps combat counterfeiting. GoSure has been welcomed warmly by the manufacturers of exclusive product brands, pharmaceuticals, wines, cosmetics, tobacco and others who are in constant battle with distributors in the counterfeit goods market, as well as banks and government organizations in their fight against fraudulent bank checks and illegally fabricated documents.

How it Works?

GoSure consists of two components:

  1. Special encoded ink formulated for HP Indigo digital presses.
  2. A small handheld electronic device that verifies the authenticity of the product packaging.

The encoded ink is integrated into the print process simply by adding printing it together with other inks. It has no special graphic design requirements and is invisible to the human eye. It remains fully effective even after post-printing processes such as lamination.
The GoSure electronic device is a lightweight hand-held reader which consumers and business personnel place on the target item. If the item is authentic, an audio confirmation and green flashing light are emitted.

What GoSure Gives Manufacturers and Their Customers?

By adopting the GoSure solution, manufacturers can return the confidence in their products to their customers. GoSure will be a constant reminder to consumers that even the most realistic look-alikes are not what they seem and will put them at ease by knowing they are buying the authentic product.

What GoSure Gives Printers?

GoSure gives print-shops the ability to produce a hot product to supply to their customers, extending their range of services and adding value to their market reach. Additionally they demonstrate that they are using the latest technologies to solve their customer's problems and needs.