R & D

Label Research and Development



One of Pitkit’s most outstanding assets is its R&D facility, whose purpose is to solve technical problems experienced by manufacturers in the area of packaging and labeling. These may be marketing-related, connected to the production line or post-sale issues. This places Pitkit in a unique class of label producers that can offer factories real solutions to their problems and it has brought Pitkit to a position of industry leadership in a number of specialized label categories. These include the medical, toiletries, logistics and alcoholic drinks industries.

The Problems We Solve

Demanding and continually changing labeling and packaging requirements require solutions to difficult technical challenges. If you are manufacturer, one or two the following examples may be familiar to you:

  • Labels coming off the container in new geographical markets
  • Colors that lose their brightness when the product has stood on the shelf for several weeks
  • After changing the supplier of plastic containers, the labels do not stay straight
  • Non-standard shaped containers
  • The need to move to shrink sleeves
  • Achieving the desired effect for a bottle to be very attractive to customers
  • Finding cheaper packaging materials


How it Works

Companies come to Pitkit with a host of different packaging-stage production problems or requirements that they do not know how to meet. We research the cause and once found, we can provide the manufacturer with alternative glues, print materials, dyes and other compounds, which will meet their needs. Our knowledge and experience brings us to an existing alternative, otherwise we develop a tailored solution to solve the issue.

For more information about how Pitkit’s R&D facility can help you solve your labeling problems and packaging issues, contact us without delay.