Labels for Cosmetics and Toiletries



Pitkit is a label technology company and a top manufacturer of high quality packaging for the cosmetics and toiletries industry. We have worked with leading manufacturers in the field for many years and we know the retail cosmetics market in depth, down to the mentality of the consumers. But most of all, Pitkit has the technology to make your product stand out on the shelf.

Pitkit is at the forefront of the product labeling and packing industry, largely due to its ongoing research and development to meet new challenges from manufacturers. If a new labeling idea can be perceived by the cosmetics company, Pitkit will find a way to make it a reality.

In the cosmetics industry, packaging has enormous influence on the consumer. Following are some of the factors that can increase the success of your product.

  • Powerful colors, designs and label styles attract shoppers to the product on the shelf.
  • Use of luxurious print effects creates a feeling of high quality to the consumer.
  • The consumer will pay a higher price when the product has a higher perceived quality.



We call this ‘smart branding’ because it can turn quality toiletries and cosmetics into highly desired products. Furthermore, our experience shows that high-end detergents also enjoy luxury product status if they are packaged and labeled using high quality label printing techniques.

Producing top-of-the-line packaging and labels for your products won’t add a significant amount to your packaging costs. If you want to join the ranks of the manufactures of cosmetics, high-end toiletry products and exclusive detergents who create product desirability through their packaging, without having to resort to price wars, special offers, freebies or dedicated presentation stands, contact our cosmetics and toiletries labeling department today.