Pitkit Company Profile



Pitkit Printing Industries Ltd. was founded in 1967 and quickly became one of the leading label printing factories in Israel.

R&D, Pitkit’s ‘Secret Weapon’

Pitkit has never stood on its laurels and its management knows only too well that in industry there is always someone on your heels. The company therefore has pursued a path of solving complex and special printing requirements through research and development.

As Pitkit’s R&D capabilities grew and became more widely known, the company received an increasing number of requests from manufacturers with needs specific to their industry and over the years, Pitkit has acquired a reputation as a specialist label printer for cosmetics and toiletries, wine and alcoholic drinks, drugs, anti-fraud and logistics requirements.

The research and development done has taken Pitkit to new areas of development, such as software, which is an integral component in many label printing applications.

The Pitkit Family

Pitkit is also special outside of its production capabilities. A strong sense of teamwork, mutual assistance and common goals is felt throughout the company, which has formed a bond among the workers.

At the head of the company stand two general managers who work together in harmony and even choose to share a common office to maximize their communication and ‘doing power’. This character is reflected on the workers, who number over 90 people, amongst whom you will find people with over 35 years in the company working alongside a new generation. A healthy working spirit exists between management and workers - in both directions - and this has created a loyalty of which we are proud.

Pitkit’s workers exhibit a high level of professional competence and the men and women of the company possess unique knowledge and skills in the areas of graphics, printing, production materials, digital printing and software.

Financial Stability

Pitkit is a privately owned company that enjoys high financial stability. In 1993 the board decided to change the status of the company and become a public company, and Pitkit was traded on the Tel-Aviv stock exchange until 2011. Then following the considerable instability in global stock markets, the management purchased back 25% of the company shares and Pitkit once again become a private company.

Pitkit has no external investors and all stakeholders are employed actively in the company.