Technology in Pitkit

Technology Partnerships



Pitkit has a special business relationship with 2 other technology companies, the French security company AWS (Arjowiggins Security) and Zetes from Belgium.

Bsecure is a subsidiary of Pitkit and is a leader in printing techniques for combating product fraud. Bsecure and Pitkit’s R&D work closely together to develop effective solutions for our customers.

Pitkit Zetes Smartech is a producer of high-end secure identity cards. These involve a wide range of security measures that cannot be learned or duplicated by forgers. A number of the technologies used in the biometric cards have been implemented in Pitkit labeling and packaging solutions. The full list is exhaustive but among the more common technologies are: High resolution offset printing (4,000 dpi), guilloche patterns, embossing, micro-text and rainbow printing, as well as even more sophisticated measures that include UV fluorescent printing, CLI and taggants.