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Labels for Wine, Beer and Alcoholic Drinks



When it comes to choosing the right wine for the occasion, consumers and resellers have only the label on the bottle on which to make their value judgment. A bottle after all is just a bottle, so the label and the shrink capsule are all that stand between the buyer and the wine.

The labels on beer bottles and other alcoholic drinks are similarly examined by the discerning eye of the buyer and their decision to try the product is based on their pre-purchase impression of the label. Additional purchases of the brand, particularly of other products in the line, will depend to no small degree on how much the contents lived up to expectations regarding the accuracy of the information and projected style of the label.

Pitkit is a premium manufacturer of wine bottle labels, wine shrink capsules, beer labels and labels for exotic and exclusive alcoholic drinks. We have been creating labels for years, working closely with bottling plants, breweries and vineyards. We have developed new materials and processes to maximize the impact of branding and packaging and we have helped our customers overcome countless technical problems on their production lines.

Label Design

The Pitkit design team knows the wine and drinks market and our expertise is in turning the graphic designs produced by the vineyard, distiller or brewery into high quality production-ready labels. Our team provides creative consultation and fine tuning when needed, working hand in hand with your designers to achieve the best results.

Our designers bring the following considerations into the process:

  • Uniqueness: How different the label should look
  • Character: How this particular wine should be perceived by the buyer
  • Emphasis: What things are most important on the label, and what can be put out of the way
  • Existing branding such as logos: To combine what you already have with something new
  • Quality level: Matching the appearance of the wine to its price
  • Dazzle: Making it shine and stand out
  • Effects: New materials and special physical print effects such as embossing and debossing


Shrink Capsules

At Pitkit, we manufacture custom shrink capsules in polylaminate and PVC to perfectly match the label and give the bottled wine or beer an added aura of quality. As we manufacture everything ourselves, design to delivery can be completed in a couple of weeks.

Solutions to Technical Problems

If you are a bottler or manufacturer of beers, spirits or wines, you will know that the production line is a sensitive place in which many problems can occur. These are some of issues we are used to solving for our customers:

  • Correct die-cut depth to facilitate easy peeling
  • Bottle / shop floor temperatures
  • Labels getting damaged in shipment of the bottles
  • Adhesion
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance against cold and damp


Preventing these and other points of failure will avoid production stoppages and delays in delivery and keep your customers and resellers happy. That is good for your reputation in the market and saves unnecessary expense.

If your customers knew how much thought and planning goes into presenting your beers and wines at their very best on the shelf, they would surely value not only what is inside the bottle but also the excellence of its packaging. That however should remain just between us, leaving your customers to take pleasure in the browsing, choosing and purchasing experience of your products.

Intimate Customer Involvement

One of the secrets to our success is the close involvement we have with the designers, bottlers, distillers, breweries and vineyard managers. Apart from producing pre-production samples, we encourage our customers to be present during the label printing process so they can monitor the result in real time.

Labels for Beers, Spirits and Liqueurs

While wine bottles come in two basic shapes, other alcoholic drinks tend to have their own peculiarities in the form of distinctive bottle shapes and bottle caps. These lend additional challenges to the packaging process but they are challenges with which Pitkit is familiar.

Due to the efficient processes we have developed, making use of the latest technologies and materials, you may be surprised to find that premium labels don’t always come at premium prices.

For more information about Pitkit, leading manufacture for beer labels and labels for vodka, brandy and liqueurs, and to hear more about our wine, beer and alcoholic drink label printing solutions, contact us today.